Passport Photo Examples

Learn about acceptable and unacceptable passport photos

Acceptable Passport Photos

Acceptable Passport Photos

Please review the passport photo examples listed below. All of the passport photos demonstrate the acceptable qualifications.

Acceptable passport photos are required for all passport applicants. Rejected passport photos are the most common reason for passport delays and application rejections. By following the specific requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of State, you can guarantee that your passport photo will be accepted.

Your passport photo needs to be a high quality color print on a white background. The passport photo must be taken within the last six months. The size must be two inches by two inches, with your head in between one inch to one inch and a half. You should have a neutral expression (no smile), no hair in your face, and your eyes open. Wear normal clothing (uniforms are not permitted). Medical devices for daily use are allowed, so hearing devices or prescription glasses (no glare) are okay. Please include proper medical certification as necessary. Do not cover your head with a hat or head covering, unless you normally wear it for religious reasons.

Acceptable Passport Photos

Unacceptable Passport Photos

View the gallery of unacceptable passport photos to familiarize yourself with common passport photo mistakes. Avoiding an unacceptable passport photo will ensure a speedy passport processing time. Remember: Rejected passport photos are the most common reason for passport processing delays.