Passport Fees Explained

There are many different fees associated with passports and it can be confusing to determine which ones a person really has to pay for.  The charges are also different for adults in comparison to children.  There are different passports available too.  A passport card will only allow people to enter the U.S. by land or sea from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean.  An actual passport is needed for travel to these countries by plane or to any other country. 

A passport card will cost $30 plus a $25 execution fee for adults and $15 with the $25 execution fee for children 15 years old and younger.  The renewal fee for an adult is $30.

Passports are a little more expensive than the passport cards however you can travel to more places with them.  Adults can get their first passport for $110 plus a $25 execution fee and they can renew that passport for $110.  Children 15 and younger are charged $80 plus a $25 execution fee for their passport.  People need to be aware when getting their passports that an adult’s passport is good for 10 years while a children’s passport is only good for 5 years.

People who travel frequently may want to purchase both a passport and a passport card.  This is usually the case for people who drive into Canada or go on a lot of cruises, because it does not fill up the stamp pages in their passport book.  The cost for both a passport and passport card for an adult is $140 plus the $25 execution fee and it is only $140 to renew both of them.  Children are able to get both a passport and a passport card as well and the charge is $95 plus the $25 execution fee. 

If a person changes their name legally, they will need to get a new passport that states their new legal name.  The fee for this varies and can be anywhere from free to $165.  However, if a person receives a passport with information entered incorrectly, it will be corrected for free.

There are additional charges that a person can pay for depending on the services that they want.  If a person needs their passport quickly, they can pay an additional $60 to expedite the passport application process.  Priority Express Delivery is available for people who are applying for a passport book and the charge is $20.66.  If anyone ever needs to have a file search performed for their passport, there is a fee of $150 for this service. 

The fees may be confusing for many people but when a person goes to apply for a passport, the staff will be able to explain any of the fees to them.  A person can also call before they go in order to get any clarification on the fees.

Get more detailed information from the government for all passport fees