Everyone needs a passport if they want to travel to another country and there are many guidelines that a person needs to follow if they want to receive their passport in a timely manner.  If a person does not have a proper photo then their passport will be delayed until a correct photo can be obtained.

Here are 5 tips that everyone needs to know in order to get their passport photo right the first time:

  1. A person does not need to have their photo taken professionally for a passport, but it is usually the best way to make sure that it is done correctly.  If a person does have their picture taken unprofessionally, they need to know that a selfie is not acceptable at any time. 
  2. The dimensions of the photo submitted must meet a square aspect ratio, which means that the height must equal the width.  The actual size should measure 2 inches by 2 inches.  The minimum pixels that are accepted are 600 X 600 and the maximum is 1200 X 1200.  The photo must also be in color and not black and white.
  3. The size of the person’s head in the picture must measure between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head. 
  4. For the picture, a person must face the camera directly in order to get a full face view and they must be standing in front of a plain white or off white background.  Everyone needs to have a neutral expression for the picture and their eyes need to be wide open.
  5. Everyone should wear clothing that they wear on a regular day for their picture.  No one should ever wear a uniform or camouflage for their passport photo. 

People should also be aware that they cannot wear hats or cover their heads for their passport photos unless it is for religious regions.  Anyone who wears glasses or hearing devices should wear them for their picture, however sunglasses are not acceptable.  No one should ever have headphones or Bluetooth devices on them while they are having their picture taken.  The photo used for a passport shouldn’t be any older than 6 months and it should reflect the person’s current appearance.

Everyone that follows these tips should not have a problem receiving their passport within a reasonable time frame.  If a person is not sure whether a photo is acceptable or not, they should go directly to a passport facility and ask.